Sunday, April 26, 2015

Buzzfeed, You're Awesome

Once again, Buzzfeed has made my day.  I read a post from Buzzfeed called 27 Completely Innoncent Images That Will Bother You For Some Reason.  These were some of my favourites, but you can click here to see more.  :)

The strange uniformity of these bubbles:
These bubbles scare me.  A lot.  Have I ever mentioned I have a phobia?  Trypophobia, to be exact. 
I get the shivers just thinking of it...

This stickman with a booty:
Oh, this made me laugh so much.  Notice anything different about this person?

This mysterious window:
This is a strange, strange building.  Who builds ONE window on ONE side of the building?  Who?!

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