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Some of you may be wondering why I chose to name my blog the way I did.  Well, here's the short version of the story:

One day in English, I had to create a poem, which I named, The Salient Things.  It was one of the best poems I have ever written, I think.  The poem meant a lot to me, so I decided incorporate some part of my poem into my personal blog.  Also becasuse I fell in love with the word salient, and I just had to use it anyway I could.

Now, more about my blog: 
Let me be painstakingly crystal clear: this is not a book blog, or a sports blog, or a business blog, or a promotion blog, or a professional blog.  This is merely my personal blog where I occasionally feel comfortable enough to have verbal diarrhea.  So don't go on expecting or believing that this is anything but a toilet for my mouth.

Ewww...that was a nasty picture I just pictured in my head, perchance in yours too.  Sorry.  Let me try again: 
This blog is merely a place that I created on the world wide web that I can personally call my own (or at least as much my own as it can get).  A place where I can let out all the pent up emotions that are swelling up inside of me, because I'm waay to shy to speak up.  This is a space where I can feel free to rant or praise anything I like.  Whenever I like. 

There.  That's much better, don't you think?

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