Saturday, July 15, 2017

Review: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Wow...can we all just point at me and sigh (or mock and laugh at me derisively) because my reviews are so behind?  Like...months behind?  Heart of Darkness....I read this last year!  
Actually, scratch reviews aren't behind.  Well, they are...but the only reason why they're behind is because I've been procrastinating on the other posts?  And I like to alternate them?  The posts just take so much time....ugh.  Well, summer is here!  I've got time!  Plenty of time!

Heart of DarknessRead: November 18-28, 2016
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Format: paperback, 192 pages
Publication: August 2007 by Penguin Classics
Genres: classic, cultural

Blurb from Goodreads:

"Dark allegory describes Marlow’s journey up the Congo River and his meeting with, and fascination by, Mr. Kurtz, a mysterious personage who dominates the unruly inhabitants of the region. Masterly blend of adventure, character development, psychological penetration. Considered by many Conrad’s finest, most enigmatic story."


Even though I read this book for my AP English class and discussed pretty much everything discussable about this book, I won't review this book like I just analysed every little detail about this book, instead, I will review this book like any other book I read...!

Now that I have that out of the way....


I believe this book is known for its very confusing words? Also known for Kurtz's final last words...THE HORROR! THE HORROR!

I was so confused....SO, SO, SO CONFUSED.

My teacher told me it would be confusing....but....I didn't expect it to be THIS confusing! I'd say I understood 5% of what I was reading!

Until the class discussions, that is. Thank goodness for class discussions....Google, too. Thank Google for giving me the basic plotline I needed to understand this book.

Anyways.....confusion aside, once I got to understand this book a bit more...I....appreciated it more, and started to understand why this could be an AP novel...and not just because of how incredibly confusing it is.

So...yes...understanding brought my star rating up from a -293,875,23,987 stars to 2 stars. Yay.

Who else has read a super confusing book they didn't like?!

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