Thursday, July 6, 2017


It's been a SUPER long time since I've posted anything...more than a two!  Well, to be fair, I DO have an excuse...I had exams...performances...graduation...prom...a bunch of stuff!   And, I be completely honest here....I was also kinda....a little tiny bit...lazy.

So!  I'm going to try to start posting again!  Yay.

*throws ripped paper in the air*

OKAY.  So.  In today's post...a brief update...and possibilities for new posts...I say possibilities because...knowing me...there's no guarantee I'll ever get to them!


Prom.  Definitely gotta talk about that.

Graduation.  Also something I think I should probably touch on.

Teacher letters.  I believe I did this last year?  I think I'm going to do it again!

Summer plans?  Yep.  Definitely...but maybe not a post-ful.

Hmm....what else....end of school?  Sure....maybe not a post-ful, either.  Combined post?!

Huh...I think that's it? life is kinda boring.  I think I'll tackle summer plans in this post.


Summer plans!

I have suuuuuumeeeeer schooool!  I know, I know...I've already, I shouldn't be allowed to still take summer school....but I was able to register?  And paid the deposit and everything.  I was originally planning on taking Chemistry 12 because when I took Chemistry 12 online....YIKES.  Procrastinated for about four months...then crammed like there was no tomorrow!  Doesn't help that I suck at chemistry, either....ugh.  Anyways...lesson learned?  Kinda?  Maybe?  Hopefully?!

University course planning has actually made me realise that I need I might need to take some other classes in summer school instead.  Since...I actually did...miraculously happened to pass chemistry...and the only reason I was taking it was so that I'd actually have a teacher teaching me this time...and so that I can fill in the gaps from the horrible self-teaching I had to do.  So.  I found out that it would be more beneficial to take Physics 12 or...Calculus 12 over the summer...since I decided to taketwodanceclassesinsteadoftakingonanextraacademicanddyingbecauseofallmyhomeworkduringtheschoolyear....ANYWAYS. Suffice to say, I am taking Physics 12 in summer school this year!  Yaaay....

Side note: I had to switch classes FOUR times!  From Chemistry 12 to Calculus 12 to Physics 12 at Churchill to Physics 12...not at Churchill.  Ugh.  Best planner, right here.

Next.  I also plan to learn how to drive again?!  I mean...I have my L...I actually only went for the knowledge test last I still have one more year...but I'm sure with university....I'll have even less time.  My mom tried to teach me how to...make the car move...but I was too scared to go any more than a few feet forwards ad back.  I'm hopeless!

Next.  Spending time with GILF!  And I mean lots and lots and lots and LOTS of time with GILF!  Do you know why?  Guess why?  Take a guess, a stab, or an apple, whatever floats your pineapple...okay, I'll just tell you!  He's leaving!

How awfully...dreadfully SAD! much as I would love to drone on about how terrible it is that Gilf is leaving me here on my own (seriously, I could right a book), this post isn't about on.

I plan to do lots of stuff with Gilf this summer, okay?!  Skating!  Swimming!  Watch fireworks!  Movies!  Stargazing?!  I just wanna spend more TIIIIIIIIIIME with him!  UGH.

Let's see...I also hope to read a lot more since I don't have schoo—wait, no...since I have less school.  Kinda.  Also...I'm putting off the classics for a bit.  Give me some books with some teenage angst!

I'm also going to try to blog a bit more?  Maybe?  No promises.

Hmm...I also have this Duke of Ed report I've been procrastinating on for about a year now...ugh.  Should get to that.

Oh, also!  How could I forget!?  I plan to continually living.  Yep, definitely gotta do that.

C'mon, we all knew I was going to ask this....
What are YOUR summer plans?!
(besides living, of course)

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