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Well, well, well...
You want to know more about me?  Hmm, how much detail should I go into?  Should I delve into my deep dark secrets? No? Yeah, you're right, you probably aren't tough enough to handle my secrets because they're too dark for you...

Okay then, how about I list 15 things about me, since, I'm 15 years old...yes?  Okay, good.

1) My name is Elizabeth Chang (but you probably already know that)

2) I love reading to a fault (seriously.  I have almost failed tests because I can't bring myself to put down a book)

3) I have an unusual liking to the colour purple (especially dark purple...)

4) I know what hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is, and I can spell it, without consulting a
dictionary (can you?)

5) I hate math (I've been hating it ever since elementary, and will hate it forevermore.  If you know me well, you've probably heard me say something along the lines of "there is not a strong enough word to describe my hatred for math")

6) I take piano lessons (I'm torn between loving it, and disliking it very much.  I love it when I play the music I love, when I want, but when it comes to piano exams, I'm a bundle of nerves, and I hate it.)

7) I passed all the levels in swimming, and got a medal (It took me forever to get from level 1 to level 10, unfortunately my little sister beat me to it.  I am ashamed.)

8) I played Charlotte in Charlotte's Web. (Best decision ever)

9) I have a sister (Isabelle) and brother (Michael) whom I adore very much (although the latter drives me to the point of insanity more times than I can count, but the former makes me laugh to the point of passing out more times than I can count)

10) I collect erasers (over 200, but I'm starting to see how useless this is, if I never get to use them)

11) I love dancing (I specialize in Chinese Dance, but learn a variety of others as well)

12) I won 1st place and 2nd place in Chinese Dance competitions (It was worth it.  For all the pressure my instructors put on me to smile and look lively, those trophies are now...sitting on a high shelf, collecting dust...)

13) I have over 30,000 books on my TBR list (The list is getting longer everyday, and it saddens me that I will never be able to read all those books in one lifetime)

14) I love photography (I take pictures of the strangest things sometimes)

15) I'm shy.  Super shy. (So shy that I speak only a bit above a whisper when I get nervous, and too shy to buy things)

Well there you have it folks, my very, un-secretive, and un-dauntless list of facts about me.
If people are actually reading this, and you want to know more...leave a comment...

*Update: I thought about adding a new fact every year, but I think I'll leave it at fifteen.  Because of...reasons!

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