Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stuff That Happened Today

Today started out as any other normal school day did, BUT, starting in second period, stuff happened...amazing , wonderful stuff...

Ok, starting off in second period: Planning 10.  We had a SUB today, and we talked about pay stubs, nothing unusual, but then after we finished, we had extra time, so we played Password.  In case you don't know how this game is played, read the next paragraph, if you do, please skip the next paragraph.

There are two teams, and they each send a person up to guess a word that's written on the board, without looking at it, of course.  The person can guess only one word answers, and their team can only give one word hints. 

Anyways, after a few rounds, in which my team was winning by a lot, someone got this crazy idea to pair me with an extremely intelligent girl.  My first reaction:
My next reaction felt like this:
Yes, Dracula.  Exactly.
I'm don't have a lot of close friends, or even people I regularly talk to, but I didn't know they hated me that much...gosh, it would have hurt less if they punched me in the face.  Kidding.  So, when I got up there, and looked at everyone, I tried to give them the stink eye, while trying to convey what a big mistake they have made in putting so much faith in me.  Faith I really don't deserve.
I was so doomed.  Apparently, these people think I'm actually smart, which I don't think I am.  At all.  After much hesitation on my part, that looked and felt a lot like this:


Yes, I know.  It's A LOT of no's
I finally relented, (because SUBs can be so persuasive) and walked to the front of the class.  (actually, I sat in front, so I didn't really have to walk, just stand up, and walk two steps, give or take) I felt like giving all my classmates the evil eye.  How could they?  I know I don't have many friends, but why?!  I was so surprized when they picked me.  Of all people...why me? Humph...

Then, when it was my turn to guess, and I heard the word "job" the first think I thought of was money.  Then, I thought "no, couldn't be...hmmm...maybe...employer, or employment!  Yes, I'll choose employment!"  And so I chose "employment" and what happened?  I GOT IT RIGHT!  Huzzah!  My first try, and I got it right! 
That's my extremely happy, and shocked face...

And I was so surprized I beat the other girl.  Well, in all fairness, she didn't even stand a chance, because my team was fortunate enough to go first, and I got it right on the fist try, so she didn't even get a shot at it.  When I asked her later what she would have said, she claimed she would have said the same thing...sure she would...


Then during lunch:
I went to the auditorium to attend a info session on a new pharmacy course in UBC.  And while I was there not only did I learn that pharmacy has different branches, and one of them has to do with nutrition (I am very passionate about nutrition and vitamins, not so much medicine and drugs), I was also late for math.  Eight minutes, I think...ah well, all in the name of education and planning for my career, right? 

And in math...
I HATE math, so much, there is not a word strong enough to describe my hatred toward it.  But today while we were going over answers, the teacher told us to do happy dances, IF we verified our answers and one side of the equation equaled the other side.  Not literally, I don't think, but the girl sitting next to me said something along the lines of: we're going to have lots of people jumping up from their seats during a test, after they check their answers.  Maybe I was just in a happy moment, but I found that extremely funny, because I had the strangest happy pictured in my mind.
Wouldn't you laugh if people started getting up from their seats to dance like that during a test?
Then in English (we were in the library today)...
I did something very foolish.  I tried to look graceful, so I tried to gracefully jump over a wire and some metal poles.  And I failed.  Miserably.  I almost face planted, or kissed the floor. *cue the overload of gifs I now know how to use

I was just like this cat, kissing the floor, kinda...
Except waaaaay less graceful and cute

If I had a box at the time, I'd probably do this too.
Yes, Stitch.  I'd probably...pull down the bottom part of my eye too...?

YES! This dog captures my exact feelings: don't look at me! Can't you see I'm trying to forget?!  Stop looking at me with those accusing eyes of yours.  Stop it.  Really.

And this lady does a pretty decent job of...where was I going with this again?
Someone, remind me, please?

...last time I ever try looking graceful again...but still I couldn't help but laugh at my lack of grace.  Once I caught myself, I quickly stood up again, and was saved by the bell to signal the end of class. 

And finally, while I was leaving English: The librarian pulled me over and told me the best news I've heard all day, maybe all week, or even all month.  She told me that a certain English teacher was impressed with one of the poems I recited in the Coffee House, and he'd like to work with me to shorten it, and hopefully, get it published!  Squeeeeeeeeeeee!  *cue happy dance

Or happy jello jump:
For those of you who actually know me, (you know who you are) please keep in mind, that you are reading at your own risk.  If what I say upsets you, please do not take offense, these are merely the thoughts that run through my head.  I have no power whatsoever over where my thoughts take me.  The only choice I can make is to not say my thoughts aloud.

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