Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hello people...

Well, first of all, hello to the people who are reading this.  Although I absolutely have no idea how you found out about this.
Second of all, if you randomly stumbled upon this blog, please go back to the previous page you were on, there is nothing to see here, so move along. Bye!
Third of all: are you still reading this?

Anyways, if you still are, I guess you are interested in what I have to say.
Well, here's my story...kind of...
It all started a few hours ago when I had this crazy idea that I would write down all about the stuff that happens to me, (kinda like a diary) but then 1) I got lazy, and figured I'm too lazy to write all that, and 2) I might lose my diary.  So my brilliant idea was to write it all on here, so that 1) I won't have a permanent dent on my middle finger for writing so much, and 2) it's almost impossible for me to lose this, because I'll just Google it, and ta da! I found my diary!

I'm also hoping that by writing on here, I can improve my spontaneous writing skills, since I know my writing is less than perfect.
I probably might not even continue after this post, I quit stuff way too often, so maybe this is the last you'll ever hear of me...

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