Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Reading Stats for 2015!

Hey people! 

I like to read.

I like to read books.

I read lots of books this year.
Err...I mean, last year...pardon my mistake.

And my sentence combining capabilities are clearly lacking.

Hahahahaha...look at me, laughing at my own ridiculousness.  My English teacher has been doing some grammar stuff with us, so I thought I'd do that just to spite him.  Hee hee! any person old enough to read this would and should know...2015 has come to an end.  How...sad?  I'm going to have a resolution this year...I think...I WILL write a post on day.  SOMEONE REMIND ME IF I FORGET.  I'm giving myself till the end of January...

So.  I set my reading goal at...45 books, but I surpassed it!  HA!  Beat that reading goal!  I thought I'd share some of my reading stats for 2015...
  • I've read 92 books (pfft, this number is pathetic AND lousy, I could do better)
  • totalling 19,872 pages (again, pffft!  Next year...99,999,999,991,699,999,999 pages!)
  • 645 pages would be the longest book (I need to beat this soon.  An encyclopedia, perhaps?)
  • and 13 pages would be the shortest book (yes, I've read a book with 13 pages, problem?)
  • average number of pages would be about 226 (eh...not too bad)
  • average rating would be 3.3 stars (I may or may not be a harsh judger of books)
  • the most popular book I've read would be Fifty Shades of Grey (no surprise there?)
  • I rated 4 books as 5 stars (only reserved for the BEST)
  • 30 books as 4 stars (that's pretty good, no?)
  • 48 books as 3 stars (not surprising, I don't think)
  • and 10 books as 2 stars (this is actually surprising)
Just because I feel like a sharing kind of person today...
In 2013, I read 23 books, totalling 9,122 pages, and in 2014, I read 52 books totalling 13178 pages. would think that I would read less in as I progressed in the school year, right? Yeah, me too.  Apparently not, though.  Well...maybe it was that textbook...yes, yes, I reviewed a my science and social studies textbooks, but so?!  I enjoyed reading them, okay?  And I wish I bought them so I could keep them with me forever and ever and ever!  I have so many memories attached to them.  Most of them fond, some not so fond...

I set my reading goal to 65 books this year...but according to Goodreads, I'm already one book behind schedule.  What a fabulous start, huh?

How many books did you read last year?  How many books are you planning on reading this year?

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