Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Hello dear readers! a strange kind of post...I say strange because I'll be introducing to you...not a book, but this site that I've been making money from.  And by money, I mean Amazon giftcards.

Now, before you lovely readers all start running away shouting, "FAKE!"...well...if you were going to run from me, you would have already done so...huh? 

Aaanyways...I'll just start my little post now, and heh, it's your lost of you decide it's fake and move on....

So, a while ago...I had this phase where I was obsessed with online survey sites and earning money from them.  When I was just a kid, (okay, wasn't that long ago), my mom would give me these surveys to do because she was too lazy to do them.  Those surveys would earn her airmiles, or points that would convert to airmiles.  After doing a few of them, I decided that I was tired of earning points for my mom*.  I wanted to earn my own.

*I'd always be yelling, "Mama, what's our annual household income?!  Mama, what's a carbonated drink?  Do we have those?  Do we drink them?  How many times a week do we drink them?  Do we have special kinds?  How much are you willing to pay for them?  When was the last time you bought them?  What method of payment did you use, and why?  Which one is your favourite?  Least favourite?  What year was Daddy born?  Does he have a bad health?  What's your health history like...?"  It would go on and on, and on and on...until she got so tired of it...hee hee!

Now, for all you people unfamiliar with these surveys...I'm talking about the ones where you give your opinion on topics, in exchange for points that would somehow convert to useful things for you.

I've searched high and low, right and left, in and out, and all around for survey panels...and of the billions and billions out there...I found that there are only so many that would accommodate teenagers in Canada, and would pay in either usable gift cards, or cheques (most require PayPal, but you and safety rules).  Most panels only offered surveys for residents of the United States, and only for those 18+.  Grr...

So...after much searching, I found that Mintvine was the only site that I've actually reaped rewards from.  And really, I didn't do much, either.  There is a daily poll you can answer for 5 points, and additional surveys...but I don't bother...I get screened out almost every time....

You need 1000 points to redeem a $10 Amazon giftcard and hmm...say you took the poll would take you...hmm...a thousand divided by fifty million minus eighty-five plus two, carry the number, subtract the six, carry the nine, divided by sixteen, plus a thousand nine hundred ninety-nine, *insert other gibberish of your choice here*...and voila!  It'll take you two hundred days to earn a payout if you do nothing but go to the site and click a small circle of your choosing everyday! 

Okay, yes, that's quite a loooooooong time...but be patient!  This is free money...I've been taking the daily polls, plus some additional offers from Peanut Labs, and I've managed to earn three payouts since I first started...which would be sometime in

If my evil persuasion skills have not failed me after reading this post, and you still say, "FAKE!", welp, shoo!  Go!  Scat!  Scram!  Scoot!  *gestures wildly at you*

If you do feel so inclined, feel free to register for the panel, and if I may so graciously ask of you...please use my link here.  By clicking on my link, registering and completing your first survey, not only will YOU earn points, I'll earn fifty points too!  And you'll support little ol' me, won't you?  After all, I'm a poor student with big dreams that require books worth millions of dollars!  And...and...well...Here's where some of you will say, "ack!  Gack!  So this is why you've been trying to use your evil little mind tricks to do!  You get a bonus from all this!  Of course you do, why else would you tell us this information, it can't be from your own good heart...because you are evil.  Evil.  Do you get paid to promote and spread lies?  You are evil!  How could you do this to us, poor innocent people?!" 

And I'll's my blog, and you chose to read it...not my problem...register or not, your choice.

Aaaaaaaaand, okay, so here's where I'll hesitantly admit that I was mentally debating whether or not to post this post since it sounds kinda...iffy and could be a hoax (even though I promise you it's not.  Pfft, like you'll believe some random person on the World Wide Web, right?).

I'm also admitting that I spend part of my time (albeit very little) trying to make money from this...I don't know...I feel ashamed...(mental babble: oh no!  Everyone will think that I'm so poor that I have to lower myself to taking petty little surveys to even come close to being middle class!  And that's only one thought that's been running through my head while typing out this's actually part of this whole other internal monologue that goes on forever and ever and evah!) even if people tell me I have no reason to.  I mean, I have earned quite a bit.  From all my earnings and some from giveaways, and book stuff (unrelated to Mintvine), I have accumulated enough to buy myself a kindle case, a portable charger, and Christmas gifts for my sister and brother.  Buuut anyways...random babbles from yours truly....

Any survey panels you want to suggest to me?  I would gladly check it out, and even use your code/link/name if you get a bonus from it! many of you people are actually considering this utter nonsense I've just spouted...?

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