Friday, January 8, 2016

I Finally Have A...


I love reading.  You know that. 

So...ever since I heard the name Kindle, I've been curious.  When I finally saw it before my very eyes though...I immediately turned my head away in disgust.

How could the people of this world even begin to try to replicate the joys of reading a physical book with this...this device?  It's a massive wrong.  Wrong, I tell you!

But it wasn't until a few months later, I was lugging around a 600 paged hardcover book around in my bag that I started to reconsider a Kindle, which would weigh...much, much less.  Don't get me wrong, I had no regrets about carrying such a monstrosity of a book in my bag.  I would gladly take everything out just so that I could put that one book in.  Of course, my mom would never let that happen, so I'd have to carry it in my hands...or stuff it in my jacket...but...wouldn't that be silly...this large bulge in my shirt...ha.

Aaanyways...I told myself that I didn't need a Kindle, I was too poor to afford all the ebooks anyways...but after much consideration, I decided...why not?*

*okay, yes.  There are many reasons why I shouldn't...such as the price of the books, the price of the actual ereader, the space the worthlessly needless expendable device will take up.  I mean, we all know that I'll still carry out a physical book, too, right?

So, after many mental debates  which didn't really get me anywhere, I finally decided I'd get one.  My parents owed me my last Christmas (2014) gift and birthday gift anyway...and I'm only allowed a $30 gift each time...yes, do the impossible math!**  Hahahahahahaha...
**did any of you get it...see something wrong...? 

After I decided to push myself off the fence about getting an ereader, I seriously started considering which ereader to get.  Maybe a Kobo would be better than a Kindle since you can read VPL books from it...but those are so much more expensive....some are even water proof!  Long bubble baths, anyone?

After much waiting and searching of coupons and discounts to make sure I could get the lowest price possible (yes, I'm meticulous about my spending, and what my parents spend on me, too, for that matter), I finally got my Kindle!

Yes, I still felt horribly guilty for it.  I considered myself very loyal to paper books since they were the originals, if you know what I mean...just the thought of flipping a page, smelling the special scent of a new book, or marking a book (if it's mine), or reading the marks others have made, it's simply a joy that cannot be replaced by a mere device.  And by purchasing this freakishly dreadful atrocity, I felt that I had deeply betrayed all the books in the world (and that's a lot of books).  I apologised to all my books at home, and whispered and sang praises to them, and uttered words of gratitude for their existence.  But it wasn't enough.  I will never be enough. I have my Kindle.  I've also procured a few books that are waiting to be read...although I didn't buy any of them.  Yep!  I didn't spend a cent.  Half of them were given to me from authors, publishers, and just me scouring for books I'll probably never get a chance to read, a quarter of them were given to me as advanced reader copies from publishers and authors, and the last quarter are documents that I have sent myself because I don't like reading on my phone (the darn screen is so darn bright at night).  Wow, look at me, I'm doing math.

So...any owners of ereaders out there?  Thoughts?  Comments?  Concerns?  How did/would you feel when/if you bought yourself an ereader?

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