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Stories Told In French Class

Hello peoples!  

Remember a long, long time ago when I wrote the post about my french teacher?  It was titled, Once Upon a Time in French Class..., and because I am the kind person I am, I have thoughtfully provided a link here.  To sum up that entire post, my grade 10 French teacher told the class why he wasn't here last day.  He told us about how much he loved his daughter...all the things he would do for her...and because my relationship with my dad had been...questionable...I teared up and wrote a post on it.  

Aaaanyways...the last day of school before spring break, I had french class.  Except I have a different teacher this year...aaand I'm straying from the point.

This teacher, knowing that it was pointless to teach us the secret of French and all its arcane legends and cladestine rituals by cramming our poor pathetic heads with all things french, try and teach us anything the last day before the break, decided to immerse the class in french culture.  With music.  

It was FUN.

I have some new favourite FRENCH songs now!  I've never really paid much attention to french music...partly because I was never immersed to it in the first place, except in french class...and this one time in dance...and even then...I only knew of Stromae and this one song called Elle Me Dit...aaaaanyways!

Derniere Danse

Love Story


Tourner Dans La Vide would be an honourable mention, and ohmygosh, have you heard of Stromae and his Papaoutai?  Daddy seems to be quite common...

Anyhoo!  Somewhere along the way, she brought up my French teacher from last year.  He happens to be a musician....
*he has his own website, too!  But I didn't think it would be wise to share it with alllll of yooooou people...nope, uh-uh!

She went to his website...and we listened to some of his songs...AND THEN SHE TOLD US HIS STORY.

It was a beautiful amazing story about love vs. career, a story that had me on the verge of being a sobbing mess, a story so touching, so lovely...I just...*sigh*

To the best of my's his story....

He had a promising career in music, he traveled from city to city, wowing audiences and bringing recognition to the french music in western day, he entered a contest...and won!  He then got the privilege of travelling to even more places to perform.  After some time...he wanted to take a short break and continue some schooling...and then he met a girl. Yes, he did.  

This girl...gosh, she was his life.  They spent every waking moment together, and they loved each other so much.  He loved everything about this girl...from the hairs on her head, to her little pinky toe. From the words she spoke, to the actions she made.  She was his everything.

And so, after spending a few years with her...he decided to give up his very promising music career and go live with this girl...who later became his wife...back in Vancouver.  

Okay, that wasn't even a story...just me paraphrasing what I heard...kinda...although I wish I could write a story...or at least...oh, nevermind.

POINT IS, this kinda thing actually happens in real life, and this comes as a very big surprise to me...I can't claim to know the minds of you people...but I certainly don't believe in true love, or doing crazy things like giving up a promising career for a girl...I just don't.  Perhaps it's because I have a dad who always chooses his career over his family...perhaps it's because I'm not sure my father loves me at all anymore...perhaps it's because I've had some nasty experiences with my own—ah, I'm not going there now...

Whatever it me, this kind of thing only ever happens in movies and books.  That's where they happen, and that's where they'll stay...except for maybe a few special indiciduals....

So!  Any favourite french songs you'd like to share?
Or a crazy story about french?

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