Saturday, April 30, 2016

My 9.16 Seconds Of Happiness In Chemistry

Ah...I really need to catch up on my posts...really....

So, I'm hoping for this to be a short post today because...because...uh...I've had complaints about my posts being too long?


A few days ago, I got back the tests and quizzes I did before spring break...most of the marks I got were expected...eeeeexcept...

You guessed it!


You people all know how chemistry plagues my every waking's sad, I know.  But it's the one subject that's usually keeping me off principal's list, and the only subject I can never seem to grasp.  I ranted about it all on here.  I'd say this is my one weakness in school.  Or, at least, the biggest.

Anyways... the teacher was handing back this quiz and test that we took right before spring break started...I was prepping myself to feel like a failure once more.  Just like every time she hands back anything.

But then...!

I was finally handed back my test...

And, oh, glorious day!

I got a mark higher than 90%, I nearly cried.  Tears of joy, mind you.  I even had these urges to hug the darn paper, and, if I was really going to show my appreciation, I would have kissed it...that's right. One big kiss, smack in the middle of the paper, or maybe a whole bunch of mini ones everywhere....

But of course, I didn't do either because there were people around me, and they'd think the most ridiculous things about me...not that they would be wrong, but......

So, I had one of the happiest moments in school that day...until, 9.16 seconds later, the teacher starts a new unit: stoichiometry.



My life is back to its usual state of: miserable.

Allow me to illustrate what this looks like in terms of sitting in chemistry class:

*gets to class, thinking today, I'll actually understand the gibberish the teacher spews*
*teacher starts talking*
*mentally bangs head on table and moans the miseries of life*
*tries to understand the ununderstandable gibberish*
*tries really hard*
*tries really, really hard*
*gives up and resumes thinking like expression*
*blinks and breathes, counting down the minutes until my agony is over*

Eh...close enough.

*GILF: this was the chapter you helped me with...remember that worksheet?  And even if  some questions were writhing, racist, outrageously nutty gorillas, you still helped me out.  Just not the way we thought it would.  Again, I am thankful for your time in...putting up with my stubborn brain.

*everyone else: oh, don't worry, you'll hear all about this in a post coming soon!  Part 2 of the "My Very Special Someone" series.  

*friend who complained my posts were too long: HAPPY NOW?  THIS WAS SHORT ENOUGH FOR YOU, YES?

What is/was your least favourite subject in school?

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