Friday, April 22, 2016

*cough* I Hate *sniff sniff* Being Sick *blows nose loudly*

...hello peoples...

This post...may be sharing too much...but...heh, read at your own risk.

If the title didn't already give it away, I have officially dubbed myself as "sick".

Nothing too horrible, of course...just some mild coughing (dry cough), and the most annoying and frustrating plugged/runny nose.

Now, you people all know that I'm terrified of germs, and if you didn' know now.  I might write a separate post on my relationship with germs and cleanliness later, but for now, I'm sure that little bit of information will suffice.

So!  A few days ago, my brother gave me a cookie, and I SAW him touch it.  His hands were dirty as he just came from an unknown place doing strange things (read: school), who know what he could have touched.  But my mom was there, and my brother specifically got the cookie for me*, if I rejected it because his finger touched it a little, my would I be in mountains of trouble.

My mom, knowing my fear of the microscopic terrors saw my look of horror and reassured me that eating that cookie would do me no harm (she even believes in the 5-second rule!).  Of course, I didn't believe her, but who am I to argue with my mom?  The mom who cooks and drives me places?

*if I recall correctly, my brother didn't particularly like me then...I think he hated me because of something I did...and my mom made him get a cookie for me...and he knew that I'd be mad at him for touching my cookie...which is why...ah, it all makes sense now.

And so, because I'm the kind, compassionate girl I was, I stared suspicious daggers at my brother as I reluctantly took the cookie and bit into it.

It wasn't even that a good of a cookie!  I regret everything!

A few days later...I woke up with a plugged nose...thinking nothing of it, I continued with my day....until....

THE NEXT DAY I WOKE UP, and my plugged up nose bothered me enough to make me accept my horrible fate: I'm sick.

Yes, after going through the many stages of denial I won't tell you about, I finally acknowledged it.  In fact, I welcomed it with open arms, running around screaming, "I'm sick, I'm sick!" to anyone who would listen.

The past few days have been miserable (and not just because of the math, socials, biology, and chemistry test I had, or the heartbrokenness I barely tolerated...), my nose bothered me so.  Much.  I'd have to blow my nose so know...blech.

Of course, people blow their noses ALL the time, and people think nothing of it.
Of course, I had to be the one who makes loud noises when blowing my nose.


You see, I don't know how people can blow their nose so softly and be satisfied with that...when I blow my nose, I blow it.  HARD.

And it makes the most ridiculously loud sound.  It's horrible!
And quite embarrassing, and somewhat humiliating.

And so...

There I sit.  In socials.  Writing a test on the interwar years.  Breathing through my mouth because breathing through my nose was no longer an option since...half an hour ago.  There I sit.  Suffocating.

There I sit.  In math.  Writing a test on quadratics.  Trying to decipher who is a pirate and who is a ninja.  And what a paddock is.  Suffocating.

There I sit.  In chemistry.  Mentally banging my head on the table because chemistry hates me and makes me doubt all my answers.

There I sit.  In biology.  Wishing my nose would clear up so that I could properly welcome the test, and enjoy writing it.

There I sit.

And finally!  It is lunch time!  I rush to the cafeteria, unzip my backpack, pull out a napkin, and...BLOW!

And blow,

And blow,

And blow!

Ah.  Much better.

It's amazing how much satisfaction I can get from just that...AMAZING I TELL YOU!

And if that wasn't enough, I had to have these hacking me, anyway.

It could just be me, but when you're sick, do you ever find yourself in a situation where there are people, and you feel like coughing...and you know if won't just be "ahem", but more of a *cough...cougcough...aaahcoughcouhahekahhhgbloghberg*
*massive and catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis occur*
*tries to hold it in so I won't cause any more damage (read: disrupt the class)*
*face turns red*
*starts to making choking sounds*
*permits little cough like sounds to be voiced*

You see?!  It's horrible!

I never want to disrupt a class by coughing...if it isn't a quick "cough cough", or a swift "ahem", I hold it in the best I can.

Yes, I know...that's not good, yes, I mother has told me her face turned blue this one time she was on the skytrain and was afraid to cough out loud.

Over the course of last week, I've had my English teacher first subtly ignore my cough (thank you!), then ask if I was going to live when I continued coughing, and a chemistry teacher asking if I was okay...and told me to get some water.  AND THAT WAS DURING SILENT READING PERIOD!


I hate being sick!
But the good news is:  I'm getting better, I'm blowing my nose less than 9,993,879,238,479,283,792,387,293,874,092,387,093,093 times a day now!  Huzzah!
Actually...I'm pretty much all better now because I wrote this post a few weeks ago and just got to posting it...heh.

Am I the only one that's afraid to cough/blow nose too loudly in class...or anywhere NOT noisy?  

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