Friday, October 23, 2015

No More Reviews!

Ok, so maybe the title may have been slightly misleading, BUT, something IS changing.  Allow me to explicate...

As you all know, I write reviews for books, and sometimes I'm even lucky enough to receive free copies of books from publishers and authors in exchange for a review.  I've always been insecure about my reviews, and I still am, but I'm working on it, ok?

From my experience, most people who read this blog aren't bookworms, which is sad...
No matter, but when someone tells me they hardly read, well, that's just shocking.  Heh, their lost.

But I've decided that since not too many people who read my blog are interested in the reviews, I won't post them anymore. 

Oh, don't look so happy, I know most of you people only come on here to read about my life, and have no interest whatsoever in the books I read, and what I think about them.  Frankly, I'm too lazy to write most of them anyhow.

If you are one of those special few who are actually interested, you may scroll down until you see my handy Goodreads widget.  Once you click on it, I believe you will be taken to my Goodreads profile, where you will be able to see all the books I've read and all the reviews I've written.

You see how I see that posting reviews on my blog are kinda pointless?  I mean, well, you know what I mean...

Plus, I'm a busy girl, ya know?  All this procrastination and homework and extra curricular stuff takes effort and time, ya know?

Here's the misleading part: I'm still posting book reviews, just not for every single book I read*. 
I will definitely still post the reviews for book that I believe are the best books ever, and YOU SHOULD READ.  Or I may post books I really didn't like, and want to throw into a volcano.  Neither of which happens very often.  Although the former happens more than the latter.  But, knowing me, I'll make a few exceptions here and there to books I believe are truly deserving.

*Oh, come on, don't look so glum, if you're lucky, I may be having a bad book month, and not post any book reviews for a whole three months.

So, just to clarify, I won't be posting reviews of just any book on here anymore.  **All those 3 starred and possibly 4 starred books will be conveniently ignored.  Only the best of the best, or worst, for that matter will have a special place here on my blog.

**but then again...being the kind of indecisive person that I am, I might decide to start posting all my reviews on here again.  I don't know, if people are even reading this, if you think I should still post all my reviews on here, you should definitely let me know.  *Ahem, cough, leave a comment, cough cough...* 

That's it for now, I suppose...ta ta!

You can be brutally honest with me here, do you read my reviews?  Or do you just skip to the more interesting LIFE stuff?  Are you glad or mad that I've decided to stop the plethora of reviews?  Or maybe you're indifferent since you've never read them.  I'm curious, so please, enlighten me.

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