Thursday, June 30, 2016

Review: The Savvy Series

Ooookay, so!  I read the first book a really, really long time ago.....and the second one...also a really long time ago....and back then....I didn't really keep track of when I started or finished books, or what I thought of!

Bah.....let's just get on with this....

Savvy (Savvy, #1)Read: sometime in 2013
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Pages: 342

Random gibberish....

Wow...5 stars?!  I guess I was easily impressed back in 2013, understandably, though.  I mean.....back then....I didn't read as many books as I have, okay!

So, this family is......special.  When a member of this family turns 13, they gain a special ability.  Woo!  This novel follows Mibs, a girl who just got her special ability-savvy-and, it's been so long, I can't even remember what her savvy remember she found this really nice guy....her age, of course.   And they were a cute couple.  Aaaanyways.  Mooooving on.

Scumble (Savvy, #2)Read: sometime...later in 2013
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Pages: 400

Random gibberish...

Okay, so!  I remember this one starting off boring.  The first one was really good, and I guess my mind was still kinda....attached to Mibs, so when I found out this book was about a new character...still related, but a new character....I deflated a little.

New character: Ledge.  Is it just me, or do these characters have peculiar names?

So....nine years after Mibs adventure, Ledge comes along and has his savvy.  Turns's defective, and his family moves.  Ledge meets a girl....dun dun dun!  Now, this girl has her own kind of savvy, and it's quite a shock at the end, I loved it!  Well, at first, I kinda disliked this girl....but THEN, it was awesome!  If I remember correctly, it only started getting interesting once I passed the halfway point.

SwitchRead: May 5-June 9, 2016
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Pages: 368

Random gibberish:

I admit, I despise it when a book I really like decides to continue on...but then tell me it's not about the same characters. I get all excited, and then I get punched in the face. Not nice. I don't want to read about other characters, I want to read more about the characters I just spent 400 pages learning about!

Anyways...fortunately, Scumble wasn't too bad, although Savvy was really very good, to my ten-year-old self, anyway. And now, Switch. I wouldn't exactly say it's better than Scumble, but it wasn't all that bad, too.

It definitely took me awhile to get into the book, and the plot seemed to drag on forever. 
The characters, Gypsy, went through a whole lot of character development, and I loved that she found how to control her special savvy. Other characters were...okay.

If I had to pick one character I did NOT like, it would be Grandma. Gah! She annoyed me SO much, it's ridiculous. I know she had her illness and all, but....could she be any words.
I guess, in a way...I should applaud the author for making me detest a character so thoroughly....aaaanyways. 

Not bad. But not the best. I mildly enjoyed it.

*yes, I's been forever since I last posted something, which is ridiculous, considering summer is here....but....bah!  I'm trying to get back on track, don't you worry!

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