Saturday, June 11, 2016

My Actual Immortal Fish

Hi peoples!

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Do you see my little pet fishies?  Swimming around brainlessly?  Yes?  Good.
They never die.
I made sure of it.
Don't ask how.
Don't. You.  Dare.

Now....last summer, I went to the summer night market in Richmond.  It really isn't what it used to be. It used to be packed, and there were full of people selling amazing stuff...!

There's hardly anyone there.
I mean,'s nice that you're not brushing shoulders with 8456298984 strangers every 9.16 seconds, but still.

It's kinda sad, because I had so many fond memories of that place, back when it was full, and bursting with exciting stuff.

Oh!  You know what?  I HAVE A HYPOTHESIS.

A few years ago, there was this new night market that opened.  And it was bigger.  And better.  Kinda. Anyways....I think all the people started going there instead, and so did the people selling the stuff, apparently.  I think.

Yes, um....right.  Back to my immortal fish....

So!  Last summer, I went to the night market that's severely lacking business, and if you've ever been to these might've seen these tents...err...stalls?  I forget what they're called, but!

There's sometimes this tent where there's inflatable "pool" where they put some kind of fish in there....ugh...I'm doing a horrible job at explaining, aren't I?  Here's a picture.

Um...aaanyways.  So there was this "pool" of fish, and my brother wanted to try catching one.  Now, normally, my parents wouldn't let him because they think it's really hard, and the people working there are there to greedily devour poor folks' money.

I guess...something about that night was different because my parents DID let him try to catch some fish.  The people there gave him some lousy "net" to catch the know...those THINGS that look like a magnifying glass with the glass part removed, and a flimsy papery thing in its place?

Well, after a few tries later, the paper broke.  No surprise there, it had the thickness of a tissue.  So, it ripped.  And what do we do?  We used the large cup they gave us in case we caught a fish...and then...we began SCOOPING for fish.  Yes, it may have been cheating, but, hey...they never said we couldn't....!

At first, we still didn't have much success, but eventually, my dad caught one....then my sister....then my dad again.

Not wanting to push our luck, we left.  Fish in hand. in largely sized cup.

Now, I've had fish we have a fish tank at home.  But then my goldfish died...and I never got new ones.  So...when we got home, we hauled out the big fish tank and dumped the fish in.
*we were a lot more gentle than how I made it sound

After the first day, the first fish died, and after the next...the second fish died.  And on the third day...........


This all happened last, almost a year later, the stubborn fish is still alive.  And we haven't been feeding it.

Okay, well, my siblings tried dumping in some leftover goldfish food, but this fish ignored it.  Maybe it ate some, maybe it didn't.

POINT IS.  The fish is still alive despite the lack of food.
How this fish managed to survive a year when the others didn't last a week is beyond me.  This sure is a special fish.

My mom is now waiting for the fish to die so that we can clean up the tank and move it back to some forgotten corner.  Hmm....

Who thinks the fish will live to "celebrate" its one year anniversary in our house?

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