Friday, June 24, 2016


Hey peoples!

Like most other kids in grade eleven, in high school, school's ending soon!  I'm so incredibly happy!

(read: I have exams.  I am so completely stressed out of my mind, and I neeeeed more sleep!  Gahhh! I have succumbed and disgraced myself to singing songs in different voices in different pitches, I'm sure I'm sound so horrendously bad, people would laugh their eyebrows off!)


This will be a ranting post, you've been warned....

Just because I can, I'll start with explaining my situation as of now.

But first, allow me to attempt to incite some pity in you for me.  Just last week, I spent over 16 hours working on a french script, and then filming/acting in it.  It was fun.  Then, I had a french oral exam worth over half my term mark!  And I had no clue what I was doing!  Or actually, I had just got the concept before the teacher brutally crushed me with the weight of this new stress of not only being able to write out sentences with pronouns, but to also speak it.  Ugh.  I thought I was at least okay with french...I didn't think I was that bad...but after all that, I really started to hate it.

I didn't actually do too bad on it, but still.  I was overwhelmed.

AND THAT WAS ONLY FRENCH, I had a math test I didn't know I had (teacher forgot to tell us), a geography test, and an English and chemistry test just last week!

And you would think I that I'd at least get to sleep in over the weekend, but, nooo, my parents had to drag me to someplace...not to mention, I haven't been having the best interactions with friends or family...ugh.

Anyhoo.  I just wrote my chemistry and biology exam yesterday, and I wrote my math exam just this morning. Tomorrow, I'll have my social studies provincial, and then.  I'  Free!

So.  My situation right now.  I should be having my dance block right now, but they are going on a field trip to Chipotle, and since I've never eaten there, and I have a fear of buying things, I told the teacher I wouldn't go.  So, now I'm in the library, bored.  And writing a post.

Sure, I could be studying for my provincial happening TOMORROW, but, honestly, I really don't want to.  Can I just curl up in a ball and sleep for a hundred years?
Kidding, kidding.

Well, I can't wait for summer!  Minus the scorching, unforgiving sun that'll inevitably show it's ugly behind.  But, that's okay!  Summer will be awesome.  And it'll all be worth it, I hope.

IF ANYONE DARES TO SPOIL MY SUMMER..................................................I'll attack you with my imaginary marshmallow army, peach navy. and watermelon air force.  Don't underestimate them, I've been training them for battle as of 0.999999999 seconds ago.  And believe me when I say they.  Are.  Ready.  FOR BATTLE!  *battle cries* 

Summer plans?

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