Friday, February 5, 2016

Aaaah! I'm Scared!

Hello everyone!

I've had this post in my "draft" for at least a millennia now, maybe  I'm going to finish writing this today!


So...if you know me well, or have been lucky enough to see me jump (when I'm surprised), you would probably know I'm...very easily scared.

Since I've had this post kinda written since...sometime last year...many of these things you might already know because...I told you about it...but I'm still going to post it because I have...stuff to post

I'm not sure when I became so jumpy...but I know I wasn't always so terribly alert...I remember a time when I wouldn't jump at every little sound...I wonder what happened....

Here are some...incidents where I was ridiculously scared beyond belief.

*Ugh...why do I feel as if nothing I write sounds good today?  So...please accept my apologies in we goooo.....

  • In grade 10 last year, I was sitting in my social studies class, listening to the teacher speak, as usual, when SUDDENLY, some guy sneezed!  It wasn't the loudest sneeze I've ever heard, but I guess you could say that I was so entranced in the words the teacher were speaking that the sudden disturbance in the flow deeply shocked me.  Being the kind of person that I am, I immediately started laughing at myself for being scared so easily.  I looked around me to see id anyone else noticed my reaction...and I caught one person staring at me, at smiling at me.  That, only made me laugh even harder, well, I did try to contain my laugh, I really did, although I must have looked like an idiot in need of medical attention because my face had (probably) turned an unhealthy shade of red.  I nearly suffocated as I tried my best to reign in my laughter.  Oh me.
  • Remember my summer job at the PNE?  Well, for one of the safety orientations, this safety guy went over some safety precautions and what to do if such a scenario came to be.  One of those scenarios was a fire.  So this guy went ahead and did the usual: he explained how to use a fire extinguisher...pull the tag thing...squeeze the handle, I've heard these instructions several times before, so it was nothing new.  Until!  Until this guy ACTUALLY went ahead and USED it!  I was so shocked and so traumatised by the sudden sound, I.  Screamed.  Yes.  I did, indeed.  In a room with a few thousand other people.  I was the only one to scream.  Only.  One.  Ohmygooooodness...the horror...the humiliation...the embarrassment...the awkwardness...the disgrace...the shame...the abject mortification!
  • *by the the guy who I worked with at the PNE: did you notice the one shrill scream that was released when the guy used the fire extinguisher without giving us a proper warning like..."HEY PEOPLES?!  I'M GOING TO USE THIS FIRE EXTINGUISHER FOR REAL NOW, SO DON'T BE ALARMED.  THIS WILL BE LOUD.  VERY LOUD.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  COMMENCE THE CONVERING OF EARS...NOW!
  • Some time last year...November 2nd, if I recall correctly...the fire bell went off and I was CS-ing in the library.  I was going about shelving some nine billion paged encyclopedias when the bell SUDDENLY rang.   Now, mind you, this wasn't your usual ding! bell, this was a FIRE BELL.  As in, bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg!  It went on and on and on and on and on and on.  So when the bell rang, nine billion paged encyclopedias in hand, I jumped.  Or I think it would be more accurate to say I shook?  Convulsed...?  No...convulsed is weird.  I...twitched?  WHAT'S THE WORD I'M LOOKING FOR HERE, PEOPLES?!  Okay...well, I'll just stick with jumped (except I "jumped" six or seven times successively) and nearly dropped all the books.  After I recomposed myself, I started to make my way out of the library in an orderly fashion, trying not to show that I just battled the intense shock of the bell.  We waited outside for quite a while, only to find that someone pulled the alarm as a prank...or was it so that the person didn't have to take a test...hmm....aaanyways...when I came back into the library, the librarian told me that she saw me shake, and THAT scared her.  Oh me.
  • This was also some time last year...I was sitting in the cafeteria at lunch, minding my own business, eating my lunch, when SUDDENLY, this really tall guy came up behind me and shouted some gibberish that scared me enough to nearly fall off the bench, also...some people may have thought I was crying, too....BUT I WASN'T!  Okay, yes, tears did escape my eyes, but it wasn't a sad and whiny was more of a you scared me so much my eyes went haywire and decided to release some water through the tear ducts I have in my eyes.  Oh me.
  • Some last year in December, my family and I were walking somewhere...downtown...when SUDDENLY, some guy just happened to appear beside me and sniff louder than what a normal sniff would usually be.  And every other incident I have on here, I jumped, if you'd like to call it, just know that I was terrified.  I also made some strange...whimpering sounds along with my mortifying display of fright.  The guy...who was actually quite decent looking, apologised profusely for scaring me, before speeding up his walk and walked past me.  Oh me.
  • And finally, something that has scared me in the past, and continues to scare me today: notifications.  You know the ones that go ding and vibrate?  Well, maybe it's just my stupid phone, but my phone has a loud and unusually sudden vibration.  When that happens, I usually squeak and jump, only to smack myself after for being afraid of a notification.  I guess this would be okay if it only happened once...but when I know that my phone is going to vibrate because I was having a conversation with a certain person*...and I get scared every few minutes it rings...THAT becomes an issue, don't you agree?
*this certain person also encouraged me to "write a blog post" because I am homework-less tonight.  So I did, albeit not the post I think he had in mind.  And hey, person-who-knows-I'm-talking-about-you, if we're thinking of the same post...I'M WORKING ON IT, okay?  But aaanyways...I put them to my computer like you told me to.  Happy now?  

Well!  I've finally written this post...whew!  It's so nice to check something off of my list...let's see...where am I at now...?  Oh...look: 91691619992909080619 more posts to finish...this might take a while.  A looooooooooooooong while.

So...what are you people scared of? 
Are you easily scared too?

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