Monday, February 15, 2016

...Valentine's Day....

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo...Valentine's Day happened peoples!

Roses!  Hearts!  Chocolates!  All that good stuff!

Now, I was going to post this AFTER I posted the post introducing you to this special guy...buuuuut, oh wells!  You'll just have to read along and hope I've told you enough to understand the intense passion I put into writing this.  Tee hee!

* could just NOT read this and wait for the other post to come out first...but...who knows how long that'll take me.  Heh, your call.
**also keep in mind that I had originally planned to post this the day BEFORE Valentine's Day...or at the very least, ON Valentine's Day...but life had other plans for I may have mixed up some tenses....


You all know I have a special someone...or rather...I consider someone my special someone, I can't very well say the same for the other person since...I'm NOT the other person, but...errrrm...gah...come on words!  Come to me!  NOW.  Please?


You know how people have these romantic notions that couples should do all these romantic stuff with their lovers...or...tentative lover...or just tentative really close friend of the opposite gender on Valentine's Day?  You, usually, chocolates, a fancy candlelit exchanging of gifts...and all those special couple things that couples do...?  Well...for those of you who know me well, or have excellent detective/investigator skills, you would have come to the conclusion that I...I...uuuuugh, words are failing me again.....gaaah!


Once upon a time, this special someone and I discussed a somewhat tentative plan for this very special day of romantic relationships...until I discovered that on this very special day of all special romantic days I have a Chinese* dance performance.  Two, actually.
*you know...Chinese new year also happens to be around the same time as Valentine's Day...Chinese dance...makes sense, no?

Now, I'm not exactly sure what kind of plans we were in the process of making, but I'm going to be frank and say that I was afraid.  So...naturally, I jumped at the excuse and used it for all it was worth.  Sure, if I could have made some time in between performances to do...stuff...but come on!  It would have been such a hassle*, and I'm not in the mood to debate and argue with my parents about taking me places to meet a guy.

*really!  Being as how I don't know how to drive or take public transit if my life depended on it, I need my parents to drive me everywhere.  And to make my parents drive me some place to meet a guy...?!  Ha!  I would have to go through extreme measures...and I just don't have the energy to do that. 

Besides, I don't think I'll be very good company after some six dances.  And I have to eat too, you know!?  And the two places I have to perform at are quite a ways away from each other.

So there you have it.  My very legitimate excuses for not being able to meet my very special someone on this very special day.  I'm told he has other, much fun-er things to do with his friends anyway.  I'm sure I just saved him from much boredom.


Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  Oh, oh, oh, oh!  Guess what happened on February 12, 2016?

I got a singing telegram!  From an anonymous person...

*cue sounds of amazement, incredulity, and ridicule*

Yes, I know...shocking that someone like me would ever get a singing telegram...BUT IT'S TRUE!

There I was, sitting in my biology class, when suddenly...this lovely group knocked on the door.

This was their...advertisement, of sorts...when I received mine on the 12th, they wore much prettier clothes, and sounded better, too!  This video cannot properly describe how awesome it was...
We have a singing telegram for Elizabeth!  Elizabeth?!  Where are you?  Come up to the front and sit on this very special teacher chair so we can embarrass you in front of ALL your classmates, and they will forever mock you as the shy girl who received a singing telegram!  Come on up!

Me: I have to?

Yes!  Get up here!  People pay to see you embarrassed!

Oh...okay then...up I go... *shuffles to the front of the room and stands there like an idiot because the teacher's chair is intimidating*

It was just...I was face was all...*blubbers other nonsense*
I just...cannot possibly describe wonderful the experience was, however embarrassing it was for the person out there who spent money on me:  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  But...gah...I feel so spent money on me!  And you didn't get anything out of it, besides my abject could I ever possibly repay you? first singing telegram...and the song was quite lovely.  The person who sent me the telegram also said something so sweet.  *girly squeals followed by a happy sigh* THIS is what I pictured high school to be like....

But you know...should I be worried that there could be a person in the school who is secretly........?

I have a list of suspects.  Albeit a short list...hmmmmmm, time to solve this mystery...I might be doing some things I'll regret...wish me luck peoples!

To all you lovely people out did you celebrate this Valentine's Day?  Romantically?  Or...? 

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