Friday, November 13, 2015

I Am With Child...?

Soooo, this is one of those late posts I've been meaning to write...way back in June?

I'm hoping for this to be a fairly short post, because, well...I need to go back to nurturing my to-be child?

A few months ago, I was struck with wonderful inspiration, and proceeded to take advantage of it as much as possible.  A few months later...I had given life!  And became a parent!

I was super duper proud of how it turned out, but I definitely had second thoughts while incubating my precious...I kept thinking, what if they don't like it?  What if I've made a mistake?

Now, I'm not sure what you were thinking about...but, I was talking about this short spin off story I wrote for Romeo and Juliet.

Way back in May or June of 2015, my English teacher had us to do an assignment on Romeo and Juliet.  We had a few options: write an essay, write a script and act it out, illustrate a children's book, or come up with your own idea. 

The sane people went with the essay and the children's book.

I was not one of those sane people.

My first idea was to write a poem in Friar Laurence's perspective, after much more thinking, I wanted to write a novel.  I couldn't choose between them, so I did the unthinkable: I combined them!

I wrote a short story based off Mercutio's perspective, and added a poem that was composed for Friar Laurence.  I think it was 10 pages...the maximum number of pages was 2...after spending days working on my precious story, there was NO way I was going to erase the extra 8 pages...

I handed it in, apologising profusely on the mass number of extra pages, she didn't seem very happy, but she accepted it.

Days later, I got my story back, and...lo and behold, FULL MARKS!  She was impressed!  Woo!

So, after my first attempt succeeded with flying colours, I decided to try again, but this time, with more ambitious goals...

Unfortunately, my next attempts didn't go so well...I guess now that I wasn't pressured with a due date, I wasn't as also doesn't help that I'm loaded with other priorities such as homework and extra-curricular.

I've been trying, okay?  I have several story ideas in my head, I just...don't have the time and motivation to write them.  There's also sooo much planning involved, it's scary.  There's procrastination, too.  Don't forget that.

Ergo, almost every idea I've had got put down immediately (by me) because it sounded too much like something someone, somewhere has already written.  Yes, I know, any idea you or I have, has already been thought of, and possibly done by another person. 

As Selena Gomez so eloquently put it:

"It's been said and done,
Every beautiful thought's been already sung
And I guess right now here's another one"
So, yes, I should probably throw caution to the wind and write the stories that have been floating about in my mind.  I'll do soon as I...uh...remember how to stop procrastination from existing in my life, and uh...learn sixteen new languages.

Have you ever written a story?  What are some things you've been wanting to do, but...procrastination had other ideas?

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