Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reviews: BC Science 10 & Horizons-Canada Moves West

Again, here are some reviews from school books.  But this time, I really felt the need to review these books since I got to know them so well.  After all I had exams for the first time ever, so, over the past few months, these books have been by my side a lot.  I really got to get to know about each page, and what information I could dissect from it. 

BC Science 10This book was very...informational.  Seriously.  It's overloaded with information.
It's divided into four units: Ecology, Chemistry, Physics, and Geology. 
No offence to physics and geology, but I hate you, subjects!  Why do you have to be sooo hard?!  It drives me mad!  And since I've "learned" it, I have to be tested on it!  Ugggh!
I had a science provincial this year...actually, it's this Friday, so wish me luck.  Let's hope this textbook taught me well.

*quietly sobbing*
Guys!  I had a strange attachment to this textbook.  And now that this year is over, and I didn't pay for it, I have to give it back! 
I loved this textbook, I had so many memories associated with the pages of this book.  Each word, each sentence, paragraph, diagram, you name it.  I am attached.  I miss you already...
Thank you Ms. Thompson (my s.s. teacher) for a wonderful year filled with knowledgeable information...that I'll try not to forget over the summer. 
*crying profusely*

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