Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The day I was everything

I'm in such a bad mood today.  Let me tell you why...

First off, I had a math test today, so I spent all last night studying and doing review questions.  I stayed up till 1 am something. 

Oh, will I ever catch up on my sleep?  Probably not. 

Anyways, I knew that staying up so late to study for the test might not be too helpful if I don't even have enough energy and mental alertness to take the test.  Ah well. 

Then, at lunch, my "friend" informed me that she will probably be ditching me  in summer school.  Because she has decided to take Pre-Calculus 11 instead.  Apparently, our school doesn't offer Foundations of Mathematics 12, so taking it in gr. 11 will be useless.  Allow me explain from the beginning.......

2 weeks earlier...
My "friend" asked me to take Foundations of Mathematics with her in the summer.  I was hesitant at first, but being the good friend I am, I decided to join her.  I had originally planned on taking Physics 11 or some other useful course, but I guess fate decided otherwise. 

After days spent begging my mom to register me, and days more of convincing her how useful Foundations of Mathematics is, she finally did it.  She registered me.

The next day, I came to the lunch table bearing good news to my "friend".

My "friend" has informed me that she won't be taking Foundations of Mathematics anymore. 
My first reaction(s):



How could she?!  After all my efforts?  I could not believe here!  We had a "heated argument"  that resulted in her claiming she'd pay my $30 cancellation fee to switch to the other course with her.  Arrrggh!

My mom was furious when I came home that day and told her about this new change of plans.  She certainly didn't hesitate to say the classic,"I told you so", and "you should never have listened to her" speech.  It was absolutely infuriating...

So, in the end, my mom decided that it was wasn't right to accept her money so I guess I'm not switching, even if that course is practically useless to me. 

Welp, my mom told me to go to school the next day and tell her to do whatever she wants, I'm going my own way now.

Today at school she broke the news to me.  She has officially ditched me in math because she has officially cancelled her course and switched.  Now I'll be all by myself.  Aiya!

So, my takeaway from this whole fiasco is: DON'T.  EVER. Take a course just because you can't afford to say "no".  DON'T ever just be compliant, and let others sway you into making a choice that's not yours, because you will regret it.  Well, I definitely did.

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