Monday, June 15, 2015

Night Market Misfortunes

Tonight we went to the Richmond Night Market.  How pleasant, right?  Now, I knew before we even arrived that there would be a 99.99% chance that I would see someone I know from school.  There are over 1,000 people in my school.  Chances are, I'm going to see them, right?  If I were completely honest with myself, I don't like seeing people I know from school outside of feels weird, OK?  And...surprise, surprise.  I did see many, many people from school.  But one guy I didn't expect to see was A____ (we'll call him Guy #3 again).  Refer to my previous post, You've Reading It, I've Read It, Therefore We Should Discuss It. ASAP to get a complete background before reading this.

I saw Guy #3 working at the night market.  Cleaning the floors.  I know that people my age are getting jobs and it's quite common, but I never, in a million years did I expect to see him.  Working at the night market.  Cleaning and sweeping the floor.  Now, if you'll recall in one of my previous posts, this Guy #3 read a very awesome bookThe Wizard Heir, to be precise.  I also read that book, albeit back in gr.7, and I'm still not sure if he enjoyed it or not, but...

See, I told my sister about that time, and how I was too scared to go up to him and ask him, so when I told her I just saw Guy #3 walk past, naturally, my sister wanted to shout out his name and point in my general direction.  She tried, to no avail.  Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately  Depending on how you look at it.  Let me explain my dilemma. 

So, this might seem a bit odd to you because it does to me.  But here goes...I had very conflicting emotions regarding the issue of whether or not I wanted to confront him about reading the book.  I wanted to because...well...because I 'm a sad, lonely loner, who reads books that no one else ever reads, and I need a person who can relate to me, and just talk about the book with me.  I don't even have friends who read the same genre of books I read.  I feel all the pent up energy inside me, ready and waiting to explode.  I need to talk to someone.  I need to fangirl with someone. 

So besides that very big and logical reason for wanting to talk to him, my reason for not wanting to talk to him is because...well...because what's a girl like me going to do, talking to a guy who's she's never a exchanged a word with until now? 

You see, I want my sister to attract his attention, even if it means pushing me directly in his line of view because I want to talk to him.  But then I also don't want my sister to do that it's embarrassing and humiliating a good enough excuse?!

But anyways, do you understand now?  If my sister tries to attract attention from him, it won't be the same as me trying to attract attention.  It would seem as if I was coerced into doing it.  You see how that this changes everything.  Everything?!  Do you see how twisted and warped my mind is?

So, my sister lost her chance, I guess that's fine.  So, we can continue on our merry way...only to encounter him again!  My, my, is Fate trying to send me a message?  So, my sister tried again while I haphazardly tried to stop her, without much conviction.  She lost her chance yet again. 

We continued on our almost merry way...until we "bumped" into him yet again!  My sister was determined to succeed this time.  Although, by the time she recognized him, he already went on his own merry way. 

Argh!, I'm getting a little disappointed.  Notice me already!

We continuously saw him here and there for the rest of the evening.  The second to last time, we saw him, my sister was ready to get this done and over with, because she knew that if she failed, I'd be spending quite a bit of time blabbing about how I didn't get my chance, even though we've "bumped" into each other so many times.  This time, she pulled my hair!  I was not expecting that.  And my sister claimed that he saw me when I yelled out.  I didn't see him, but ohmygosh!  By the time I looked back, he was gone. 

Grrrr!  The last time we saw him, my sister has long since given up in trying...much to my utter disappointment.  The rest of the night was uneventful, and I never got to tell him...

Ooooh, my miserable, miserable, life...


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