Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Not Again!?

Now, before I start explaining anything...aaaaaaaaaaaaah! 

Remember that post from two decades ago?  Kidding, I think it was about a month ago...hmm...maybe it was a month and 38 seconds ago, or maybe it was a decade ago...hmmm...


Remember the posts: You've Reading It, I've Read It, Therefore We Should Discuss It. ASAP and Night Market Misfortunes?  If you don't, or are too lazy to click on the posts to (re)read them, here's a snippet of what happened:  I ranted about how I saw a guy reading one of my favourite books, and I wanted to tell him, but was too scared.  Then I saw him again, working at the night market, and missed my chance yet again.

Allow me to set the stage...

I arrived early to my English class, as I always do, and there were four people sitting in the room: my teacher, some random guy, myself, and...That Guy.  I thought this was my time to redeem myself for al those missed opportunities.  I had no sister to push me to him, so I had to do it of my own free will, or not at all.  He was just sitting there, and I was just sitting here, he was reading his book, and I was unsuspiciously spying on him in my peripheral vision.  I was plotting and scheming of all they ways I could oh so easily walk up to him and ask him.  But as I procrastinated planned, longer, more and more people drifted into class, and my chances of going up to him with the least number of audience started dwindling.  Dang!  I lost my chance again. 

Or have I?

I am so, so frustrated with this!  Argh!  A few days ago, I saw him working at McDonald's, while my family was ordering take out.  Seriously?!  I could have asked him then, but I was too shocked and by the time I decided what to do, we drove away busy coordinating my breathing and blinking, that I missed him.
(August 20)

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