Saturday, October 15, 2016

Knowledge Test


You know how in Canada, once you pass your written knowledge test and get your L, you can DRIVE?!

You know!  Like, getting behind a wheel and spinning the wheel thing...and moving a giant machine that's a trillion times heavier than you?


Well, I'm turning 17 this September....and I only just took my knowledge test in August.

I'm well aware that most sixteen-year-olds can't wait to take the test and start driving....I'm....not one of those people, but my mom's been pushing and shoving me to learn so that she won't have drive anymore, and just spend her days relaxing at home while I drive my siblings and myself everywhere....ugh.

Well, then, a YEAR after my birthday, I've finally read the stupid book, and took the test.  Yay me.

Even though I'm not all that eager to drive, I admit, being able to transport yourself places whenever you want is kinda....awesomely convenient....
You know that online test you can take....?  Well, I took it.  Many, many times.  I was under the impression that the questions I'd be asked on the exam would be the exact same questions asked on the practice test I took online about 916 times.  I mean...someone did reassure me several times that the questions would be the same.  The EXACT same.

And, yes....I had some doubts....I mean...surely they wouldn't ask us the same questions as the ones online.....then, any person could just memorise the fifty or so answers....and get them right....they wouldn't even have to read the book!

So....yes.  Anyways.....where was I going with this again?

Oh, yes.  Right.  So....eventually, I started to believe that it really was that many questions can they ask, anyway?  RIGHT?


So....I believe it was a Wednesday.  I was scheduled to work, but it was raining, I wasn't feeling well (I blame monthly inconvenience), aaaaand, I didn't like my job.  So!  My mom suggested that I take the day off....and I 900% agreed.

Well, I got changed, packed the necessary items and got in the car with my mom.  She drove us to an ICBC place and we got a number and waited in line.  At this point, I still wasn't too nervous....I mean, if I got 100% a few dozen times on the practice test, I should be perfectly fine, right?!

But....after all the paperwork was dealt with....and I took a picture....and waited a bit more....and filled out MORE paperwork

Aaaaaaaaaand then, after many, many seconds, I got called to begin my test.

She asked me if I'd like to sit....but somehow, my ears and brain thought she meant if I was physically too weak to stand and would like a, I declined, and said I'd stand.

When I arrived at the station, I realised what she meant to ask was if I'd like a station where I wouldn't have to stand the entire time while taking my test, and....and.....gah!

I should have said I rather have a station where I could sit!  Standing....was okay, but I think I wouldn't be as nervous if I could sit my butt down....ah wells.  Too late now.

I began my test.

The first question appeared on the screen, and I realised I was doomed.  The question was nothing like the question on the practice exam...poop!

Thankfully, after much debating, I answered it correctly.  Next question.

Also a question I've never seen before!  I was deciding between two....closed my eyes and picked one.  I was wrong!  Poop!

Next question, I couldn't decide again, and I couldn't stand seeing another big angry X, I couldn't!  So I skipped it.

Gosh, I was terrified!  None of the questions were the same as the ones on the practice test!  None!  I accepted my fate.  I was doomed.  Doomed to fail.  Doomed to a lifetime of shame for not passing a simple driving test when I did so well in school.

While I was hesitatingly answering the questions, I mentally prepared a long rant for this person that told me the questions would be the same...

After I went through the first round of questions, the computer went back to ask me the questions I had skipped, and then, I just guessed.

FINALLY, I was finished, and I was so incredibly relieved when I saw that I passed!  94%  Wahoo!  I passed!  I passed!  I passssssssssssed!

....still mad at him though.

I took my vision test, took another picture where I somehow decided that putting my big poofy ponytail to the side would look nice (it didn't), and got my package of...stuff, and then I was done!

When I got in the car, I opened the package (I wondered what sorts of goodies I received) and found....another driving book!  Aaaaaah!

Along with a shiny red L magnet, and some other stuff I can't remember right now.

Yes, anyways........I finally passed my Knowledge Test!  Congratulate me, people....this was no easy feat!  Especially when someone tells you it's easy and the exact questions can be found on the online practice test.


Psst!  Hey, Gilf, I forgive you, by the way.  Just never tell someone the questions are the same again....unless it's someone you don't like...then, by all means, go ahead!

So, peoples....who can drive?!  
How did your knowledge test go?

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