Monday, October 31, 2016

Hi Peoples!

I know, I know....I said I'd start posting more regularly....and I will!  Eventually!  As soon as I finish everything I ever wanted to do and have absolutely nothing else to do!

Kidding, kidding.....kinda.


In my defence!  I was so prepared to type out a post about something that isn't a book review a few days ago....but then this bloody book had other plans for me!

*holds up a hardcover book with razor sharp edges*


I'm super sensitive to was only a small cut....but I may as well have my right hand amputated for all the fuss I made about it.

Yes! I was saying....I was SO prepared to sit my butt down and start typing up all these posts I have as drafts...but then I got a cut...and I had a band-aid...and I couldn't type....well...I could...but it was really I just decided that I would wait a few more days.


I took off my band-aid yesterday night....and....squished my more blood!  Yay!

Although I still see the line where my skin was ruthlessly split open by the vicious pages of this book that remain anonymous


Band-aid off now.

I will begin typing out a few posts......starting now!

P.S.  I'm expecting gift baskets and letters of "get well soon" anytime now.  Aaaaaaanytime.....

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