Sunday, December 27, 2015

What Would You Do...?

So...I think this will be a fairly short post...let's see if I'm right.

I have a question...if you've known someone for a long time...someone who you claim to care deeply an argument, would you...

Okay, nevermind...scratch that...let's try this again...

Allow me to set up a scenario...

There are two people sitting in the living room really late at night.  One on the couch (Person #1), and the other on the floor (Person #2).

Person #1 claims to have loved Person #2, and this couple has known each other for many years.  They have definitely had they're fair share of arguments.  Maybe even more than the typical amount.  But through it all, this couple is still together. 

Person #2 has been talking for quite a few hours now, and doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.  Person #1 has taken up an indifferent and somewhat blank expression on his face.  As the argument becomes more heated, Person #2 takes out a jar of pills and says to Person #1, "I'm so tired of this relationship." And proceeds to swallow random pills.  Person #1 says "I don't want to see this" with a bored expression.  After swallowing a few pills, Person #2 says in a desperate and somewhat hopeless voice, "I will keep swallowing pills until you stop me."  Person #1, "Go ahead, keep taking pills, see if I care.  I don't have the eyes to see this.  I'm leaving.", and leaves.

Person #2 in a fit of anger and despair continues to swallow pills long after Person #1 leaves...

In the morning Person #1 comes back home to an inert and motionless Person #2.  After a few failed attempts, Person #1 manages to wake up Person #2.


So...after reading you think Person #1 truly loves Person #2? 

Stupid question, of course he doesn' that your answer?

Well, before you jump to that answer like I know most sane people would do, let's be a little insane, shall we? 

If a person has been talking to you in a very yelling-like manner for many hours, and you haven't eaten, showered, or slept for far too many hours, and you have been harbouring a small hatred for Person #2 for all those said hours, because all you want to do is go to sleep because you are dead tired and the person yelling at you is preventing you from doing that...wouldn't you even be a teensy bit likely to think, whatever, she can stop herself if she really wants...she knows what she's doing...?


I honestly don't even know what I'm doing...these few days...haven't been the best...I just needed to write some thoughts down...


Sorry to ruin your day with something like this...


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