Monday, September 14, 2015

My Most Memorable Summer in the History of Memorable Summers.... (part 1: July)


I bet you're all wondering what I did over the summer, right?  RIGHT?



I'll tell you anyway, since you're still reading...

I'm splitting this up into July and August, since they were completely different.  So, I will dedicate this post to what happened in July, and the August one will be coming soon...PROMISE!


Remember that post where I fumed about my "friend's indecisiveness?  Well, if you don't, here's the post:  The day I was everythingSo after that whole fiasco happened, I ended up back in summer school.  SUMMER SCHOOL, that's right.  For the first time since I've started high school, I went to summer school, not because I failed, but because I had the crazy idea that learning an entirely new course in a month would be easy...and just to prove how awesome I am, I took the subject I hated the most: Pre-Calculus.  OH!  And did I forget to mention that I missed the first three classes?  Which is the equivalent of missing an entire unit?  OH, what fun!

Most nights sucked since I was bombarded with homework, and I really wished I could do this... whole family went out while I said home and tried my absolute best to do my homework and not get distracted.  My results were...questionable, BUT, I still had results, and that's good, right?

Fortunately, the teacher himself was tolerable, and I managed to score over 95% on most of my tests.  Our teacher also gave us lots of free time when we weren't sitting our butts down on chairs that were guaranteed to make our butts numb if sat in for more than a half hour.  We sat in those said chairs for about four hours every day, just FYI...

Also, surprisingly, I had fun in that class, of course, when we weren't doing math.  I actually talked to the teacher like a normal person, and not some scary high authority figure.  Well...actually, it was more like I talked to an acquaintance, and my teacher liked to eavesdrop since we sat at the front.  He joined in on our conversations about poo, candy, my hatred for math, and whatever else you could possibly imagine.

What really upset me was the final exam, I'll spare you the gory details, but suffice to say, I didn't do as well as I hoped.  I got...a B...I.  Have.  Failed.  My punishment?  Retake Pre-Calculus in September...


Another thing I thought I'd mention is that I got invited for a job interview!  Squee!  Me.  Working.  Aaah!  It's more than my small immature mind can bear!  But being the very smart person that I naturally am, I told myself not to get excited, in case I didn't actually get the job, because that would be very, very, very, sad.  More details in Part 2!

The last two weeks of July were one of the worse, most stressful last two weeks of July I've ever had.  I had a PIANO EXAM on August 14, and since the fee was over $100, and at a prestigious program, I was determined to avoid failure at all costs.  I practiced so hard, there was a day when my fingers were showing signs of bleeding...I kid you not...



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