Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Ex-Neighbours

Hello people!  Today is one of those days where I found some time on my hands, and have decided to catch up on some posts, I've left in drafts since June  Without further ado...The Actual Post

Today, while I was bored in French, I thought I would do some writing.  So...what should I write about?  Life?  School?  Life in general?  Books? about...neighbours.  My neighbours, specifically?  Yesss... 
So, a few weeks ago, our across-the-street-neighbours had a sign posted outside, advertising their house for sale.


Now, allow me to give you some insight on our relationship with our neighbours...

Many, many months ago, two summers ago actually, my parents were arguing.  Nothing unusual, for me, at least.  Our neighbours are really really sporty and athletic.  They play catch and street hockey all the time.  So, one hot sunny summer day, we heard the boys shouting random gibberish.  Also nothing unusual...until they started singing Come and Get it by Selena Gomez.  Being the young and idiotic kids we were back then, my sister and I joined in. 

We would randomly start contributing words to the song when we knew it.  And before we knew it, we (my sister, myself, and our neighbours) were singing together.  They'd sing, "when you're ready come and get it!  Nah nah na!  And we'd repeat, usually competing to see who could sing louder.  Or they would sing the first part, and we would sing the second part.  We also switched songs!  We sang Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson, and O Canada, among many others.  We continued on and on, it was sooo much fun...until someone told us to shut up. 

It was fun while it lasted, it definitely provided a much needed distraction to the arguments.

Once in awhile, we would sing a line or two from Come and Get it, when we saw each other, but we've passed the peak, there was no longer the spur of the moment feeling...sigh.

Now, back to the present.  Our neighbours surreptitiously placed a For Sale sign on their lawn...those things...with the sticks and poster like know the signs they put up for elections?  The ones they stick into your lawn...ugh, I can't for the life of me remember what they're called...someone remind me, please.

After a very informational talk with one of their parents one day, they have informed us that they are moving because they have a big family (two parents with four boys) and the boys are growing up, hence the moving.  Sad...speaking of...our family needs an upgrade, too.  We have to share a washroom with four other people, grr...anyways...

I found our relationship with our neighbours (the kids, specifically) to be particular endearing because we've known of the other's existence for the entirety of our lives (okay, maybe not the entirety, but...for as long as I can remember), but we've never actually interacted with each other.  Not a "hello", or an exchange of names, let alone a proper conversation, yet we are comfortable enough to sing to each other.  I still can't get over the fact that we never got to know their names...

Suffice to say, I will miss our singing neighbours very much.

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