Monday, March 20, 2017

Two Really Short Reviews

Peoples, I have here, two very short reviews.  Why am I choosing to combine two reviews, you ask?

Because they are very short.  That's why.  Don't think too much of it.

This first one was a classic, and kinda short....not that review.  The next one....I really only thouroughly read a few pages of, so...also, short review.

Let's begin.

Mrs. Warren's Profession
Title: Mrs. Warren's Profession
Author: George Bernard Shaw
Read: Oct.15-Nov. 2, 2016
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Format: kindle, 80 pages
Publication: October 2009 by Public Domain Books
Genres: play, classic,

Blurb from Goodreads:

"Middle-aged Mrs. Warren is a madam, proprietress of a string of successful brothels. Her daughter, Vivie, is a modern young woman, but not so modern that she's not shocked to discover the source of her mother's wealth. The clash of these two strong-willed, but culturally constrained Victorian women, is the spark that ignites the ironic wit of one of George Bernard Shaw's greatest plays, in a withering critique of male domination, sexual hypocrisy, and societal convention. Initially banned after its 1893 publication due to its startling frankness, Mrs. Warren's Profession remains a powerful work of progressive theater. "


Well....I admit....I'm quite disappointed.

The blurb sounded interesting enough....but the actual story......blah.

Perhaps I'm reading it too quickly....or maybe the importance hasn't seeped in yet...but....I don't see the point of this story!

It seems to me that the protagonist ends up exactly like how she was at the beginning.....

All that really happened was...a couple of hurt feelings....and...the protagonist found out some stuff about her mom.....but.....other than that.....meh.

Diamond GrillTitle: Diamond Grill 
Author: Fred Wah
Read: Nov. 13, 2016-Jan. 9, 2017
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Format: paperback, 176 pages
Publication: September 2006 by NeWest Press
Genres: cultural (Canada + China), food, poems

Blurb from Goodreads:

"This story of family and identity, migration and integration, culture and self-discovery is told through family history, memory, and the occasional recipe. Diamond Grill is a rich banquet where Salisbury Steak shares a menu with chicken fried rice, bird’s nest soup sets the stage for Christmas plum pudding; where racism simmers behind the shiny clean surface of the action in the cafe. An exciting new edition of Fred Wah’s best-selling bio-fiction, on the 10th anniversary of its original publication, with added text and an all new afterword by the author."


Okay, firstly....a disclaimer. I didn't read the entire book so if you're looking for a "full" review of this book, skip this one!

Secondly, I read a couple of poems from this book in my writing class because we were doing a unit on food.

This book was sometimes amusing, sometimes relatable, sometimes thought-provoking, but they were all (the ones I read, anyway) fun to read.

I like how each poem was like a short story-completely unrelated to the last one-but they were all connected to this one guy and his family's restaurant.
Favourite food book you've read?
Favourite play you've read?
Shortest book you've read?

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