Sunday, March 12, 2017

Something Lost....


I'm never going to catch up on my posts, am I?

Anyways....this happened...a few weeks before the Christmas break...which should be about a week before Christmas!

So...a few weeks before the Christmas break, we had our dance shows!  I was in so many dances...once I got off stage, I had to rush the wings where I'd rip off my clothes and all other accessories (hairbands/clips/ribbons, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, etc....) so that I could make it in time to perform in the next dance I was in.  It was all terribly rushed.

That was all fun, of course.  Even though I was always afraid I'd mess/mix up my choreographies or costumes...or not get on stage on time, or you know....STEP ON A FALLEN LIGHT BULB LIKE I DID LAST YEAR.


What on to what this post is SUPPOSED to be about.

I lost something.

Or rather, something of mine....was no longer in my possession.

The morning of my dress rehearsal, I brought all my costumes, make-up, hair ties...EVERYTHING I NEEDED.  Now, I distinctly remember putting a small silver-pink pencil case with all my precious hair ties in my locker....on the top shelf.  I REMEMBER taking it out of my backpack, and putting it IN MY LOCKER!

Then....before lunch began, I had to go go to my locker to put my books inside.  This time...I'm 99.99% sure I saw it in there.  Sometime during lunch, my sister comes up to me and asks if she can go get my make-up bag so that she can do her make-up first.  Being the nice sister that I am, I tell her yes.

After school, I went to my locker to get stuff to prepare for the dress rehearsal.  Specifically, my silver-pink pencil case where I put all my hair ties...but, you see....there was a small problem.  My pencil case WAS NOT THERE.

So....we have a few scenarios we could choose from here.
  1. I am completely delusional and I did NOT bring my pencil case to school today.
  2. When my sister took out the make-up bag, it must have fallen out.
  3. Sometime before the end of school, I absentmindedly took out my pencil case and left it somewhere while getting something else.
  4. Someone who knows or guessed my combination broke into my locker to steal a pencil case filled with hair ties.
I'm sure we could collectively think of a bunch of other scenarios, but this list will suffice for this purpose.

Any guesses as to which one is correct?

At first, I thought 2 and 3 were a possibility....but when I confronted my sister, she was sure that nothing fell out as she left.  

Even though I was so sure that that was the most likely possibility, my sister was adamant; she did not see a pencil case fall out when she closed my locker.


Allow me to explain to you, the importance of this silver-pink pencil case.


A few years ago, my mom took me to the dollar store to buy more hair ties because the ones we had at home weren't cooperating with us.  I fount these AWESOME hair ties!  They were awesome because the possibility of them breaking was....highly unlikely.  You know how you can usually find that part where the two ends were joined in a hair tie?  These ones....they didn't have one! was really hard to find!

I got a pack...I believe it came with green (x2), pink (x2), purple (x2), yellow, and blue.  Ever since I found those elastics, I started to look for more of them!  And I would always beg my mom to buy THOSE hair ties every time we were at a dollar store.  She rarely said yes.

I started with the green one.  And I was determined NOT TO LOSE IT.  Those little hair ties...always so eager to play hide-and-seek with you...UGH.  When will they understand that it's NOT.  FUNNY?!

I almost lost it a few times....but I always found it later.  Gosh, I must have used that green hair tie for at least a year.  Even when it started to expand, I continued to use it.  I was going to use that hair elastic until it lost ALL it's...elasticity,  I put all my special hair elastics in this silver-pink pencil case my aunt gave me (you know, so that I wouldn't LOSE them...).

Along the years, I also added in some other hair elastics.  Like the ones my mom bought me for Christmas that had Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place on it.  They weren't the best, and...I don't think I ever used them...but they were still kinda precious to me.

A few years ago, my mom was also kind enough to let me get....smaller and thinner versions of the original SUPER AWESOME hair elastics I found before.  Blacks, browns, greys, blues....all mine!

Anyways...I've been collecting them for at least a few years now....


So....yes.  These hair elastics are important to me!  Very important!

And when I couldn't find them...I was devastated!  The dress rehearsal went okay, I suppose, I managed with the hair elastic already in my hair.

But the next day, I searched everywhere for it but.  I.  Couldn't.  Find it.  ANYWHERE.

My locker isn't that big, but I had to search it anyway.  I took everything* out and ran my hands over every surface of my locker.  I decided I couldn't just rely on my eyes, I had to FEEL every inch of that locker.
*everything consists of one jacket and two binders.

I was very close to sobbing, you know?  I get very attached to my things....they hold so much...meaning to me.

At lunch the next day, I thought I could talk to my friends about it....maybe they might have some suggestions....but what I met with was not friendly support....I was met with...eye rolls and sighs of annoyance.  They all saw it as something silly and trivial....something I should just get over.


I barely handled that.  I was distraught, but I was able to hold it in.  I knew I had one person who would listen, one person who would comfort me no matter what.  Even if this person couldn't really do anything to help me find it, he would offer me of...encouragement.

Guess what I got?

Hint: none of that.

The ONE person I trusted not to think of me as trivial and materialistic for getting so worked up about a pencil case....did.

That did it for me.  I started bawling my eyes out....'cause...why not?
There was no one I could trust to help me out with this anymore.  I was alone.

I was left alone to cry, to mourn, to suffer.

Ever since the day I discovered "I" lost my pencil case, I've been praying every night....that I would be able to find it....that some good person would find it somewhere and hand it in to the lost and found.  I mean....who would want a pink pencil case filled with hair ties, right?!

I prayed and prayed and prayed......

Every night....praying until tears started falling.....

It hurt that no one could or would understand the plight I was in.  And the one person I thought that I could....didn't.

It was a sad few days for me.
Guys, ONE DAY!  When I was putting something in my locker, when I had lost hope of ever seeing that pencil case again, a guy came up to me...tapped me on the shoulder, presented me with a silver-pink pencil case, and asked, " this yours?  I found it by your locker."


At that moment, he was my hero.  And I felt forever indebted to him.
So.  In case you were wondering what actually happened....
Guy (we'll call him V or guy #7 because if you rotate it to the right a bit, and extend the shorter line of the 7, it kinda looks like a V): *comes up behind me and taps me on the shoulder*
Me: *turns around to face him*
Guy: *brings his left hand from behind his back to present me with a SILVER-PINK pencil case*
Me: *eyes widen*
Guy: this yours?  I found it by your locker the other day....
Me: *gently takes the pencil case from him and unzips the pencil case to find all my hair elastics still safely tucked inside*
Guy: ...
Me: ...
Guy: ...
Me:!  Yes! This IS mine!  Wheredidyoufind it?!  I've been looking everywhere for it thankyouthankyouthankthankthank you so muchforfinding itfor meI've been lookingeverwhereand I thought all hope was lost....thankyouthankyouthankyou somuch.
Guy: *smiles* No problem.
Me: *stares at him with awe and appreciation*  Thank you, really.
Guy: No problem. *walks back to his locker across the hallway*
Me: *thinks to myself* Should I have hugged him?  I feel like it wouldn't be too inappropriate....I ws such a bumbling mess, gah!  But I'm so ridiculously glad that I have my pencil case again!  This guy is my saviour!
Isn't it wonderful!  There ARE good people in the world!  It makes my heart sing with joy!  To all the good people in the world: thank you for existing.

And a special note to the guy who returned my pencil case to me: THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

Have you ever lost anything precious to you before?  
Was it ever found?

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