Saturday, September 24, 2016

I've Procrastinated, I know....

Hello peoples.

Yes, yes, I know....I've been extremely inactive (no, not the physical kind, because I've got that covered with nine dance classes a week), and I've been procrastinating and procrastinating and pocrastinating.

I'm tempted to make excuses like, I have homework, I have extracurricular, I have....Gilf. BUT. If I really wanted to, I definitely could have spent some time typing out stuff....


So. Starting TODAY, I will make more of an effort to post stuff....really! You see, I have a free block in school now! And I've finished everything I can do, and Gilf is too busy to talk to! Time to type stuff.
*ugh, these keys are so uncomfortable to type out, and they're making my finglets sore! 

Now, even though I have a bunch of posts I still owe you, I want to get a particular one out of the way first.  I had this idea one day while I was sitting on the toilet. Yes. Don't think about it too long.

So, this brilliant idea that I had while sitting on the seat of the toilet.  Last year, I do I say this?  It was amazing?  But also...challenging.  It was fun at times....but also incredibly stressful....I AM getting somewhere with this, don't you rush me!  I had great friends to talk to...and....not so pleasant friends....a friend in particular.....I'm starting to think we were never really friends in the first place....


Anyways. lousy attempt at trying to remember SOME stuff about the last school year, brings me to my "letters".  To teachers.  I considered writing letters to all the teachers I've had since grade 8....but maybe I'll leave that for the end of grade 12?

Or, wait....what if I forget them!  Gah!  What will I do?!

Blah.  I'll just get started and see where this goes.

English Enriched: Mr. G year ended okay?  Right?  Sorry I had to do that really weird thing at the beginning of the year....I didn't know....didn't know it wasn't to your.....liking.  And for the next few months, I was always kinda uncomfortable in your class.  I'm sorry.  I hope I didn't leave a lasting bad impression...especially since I have you this  As I probably kinda already mentioned in that thing that I did, I'm sorry I never really participated in class, I wanted to, I really did...but...I'm shy! You know that!  If it makes a difference, I was shouting out my answers to you, mentally!  I'd also like to thank you for giving me that super high mark in that last assignment you gave us three months to work on, and I started and finished it all in one night.  I really wasn't proud of it, and I wish I could redo it, I just know it'll be so much better this time that I have, you know...more than a night to finish it....Oh!  Question.  Did you ever give me those bonus marks for reading those Aboriginal books?  I know many peoples took the books and returned them without even getting past the first few pages...but I read them.  All!  I confess, one of them almost bored me to death, but I finished it!  Also, I'd like to tell you that I hated the grammar unit.  It was even worse than chemistry...I made a post on it....and it was SO good to let out my hatred!  Grrrr!

French: Ms. O

So!  This is the second year I've had you....last time was in grade 9....remember me?  Confession: I liked my grade 10 french teacher more.  Anyways!  I'm sorry, but I have something to get out of the way first.  An 85?  REALLY?  Was it that hard to give me an extra percent?!  *sigh*  That one percent may only be ONE percent, but it means a lot to me!  What else...hmm...I like how you can get carried away talking about different topics!  I remember how in grade 9, all us students would ask for your opinions regarding the strikes...and you could spend over half the class giving us your answer! Okay, so...I admit, I liked that our french time would be drastically decreased, but I genuinely enjoyed listening to your views!  of course, the added bonus was...not'll just stop there.  So.  I have another confession to make.  I hated the AIM program.  It always confused me.  Le and la.  Un and une!  Do you have any idea how confused I was?!

Social Studies: Ms. JT

Um...firstly.....sorry.  I feel like I've disappointed you.  Greatly.  I know I impressed you in grade you praised my settler letters, how you wouldn't hesitate to remind the class to come to me if they needed help because I wrote so sophisticatedly and all.  But....I've come to your conclusions on why I'm not doing as great anymore.  I mean, yes, I'm still doing well....but, I'm not impressing you and surpassing your expectations...and that....pains me more than you'll ever know. And...also...near the end of the year...when I forgot that one assignment...and you wouldn't let me hand it in....that day...or any other day...I was a ninth of a millimetre from breaking down and sobbing.

I've never, ever, EVER handed in anything late to you before...and just this once...I forgot to do just turned me away and said you couldn't accept it.  In the two years that you've known me...I would have thought...would have thought...nevermind.  Suffice to say, I apologise for disappointing you this year, and I HOPE YOU SAW HOW WELL I DID ON THE STUPID PROVINCIAL!

Biology: Mr. H

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I loved your class!  One of my absolute favourite classes of the year.  I learned SO much, and I couldn't wait to share it with my family when I got home.  Of course, they never listened to me because I bore them....BUT, gosh!  Your class was the best!  Not only did I learn A LOT, I also loved your traditional teaching style....the notes.  Complete with just the right amount of diagrams.  And the occasional colouring page. for making it so hard on you for those field trips....making you think that issues at home and all....sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen, but!  Glad to see you care!  Also.....dissections.  Um.....I didn't like them.  The frog and the sea star.....blech.  I was close to um....askingpetatotellyoutogiveusanalternative, but I decided against it.  You're welcome.  I guess, a part of why I loved your class so much was also because of the friend who sat next to me.  I had so much fun, and I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe.  And that time she asked what kind of crayfish it was, while pointing at the tarantula....HAHAHAHAHA!

I really wish you taught Biology 12....but I all the other teachers that I liked, I'm glad I left a good last impression of me....what if you taught me Biology 12, and I started getting scores that weren't 100% anymore?!  You once told me that I had one of the highest scores in class....I don't want to change that.....
*yeah, I know....I'm ridiculous.

Chemistry: Ms. M

*nervous laugh*
Um.......well, first off, confession: I really, really, REALLY did not like chemistry.  I'm sure if I actually understood it, I would like it.  I also....feel kinda bad for many kids dropped out of your class...because you have this reputation of being really strict and give out hard tests.  I guess I was doing....kinda okay at the beginning of the year....but when you introduced the harder math stuff....I got kinda lost.  Sometimes I would get it....sometimes I wouldn't.  I spent countless nights crying over something I didn't get. Frustrated at myself for not understanding something the rest of the class seemed to get.  I even wrote a post on it.

And then my mom got me a tutor....and....I think it helped, a bit?  He helped with homework, talked me through all the steps....but when it came to your tests....I was lost again.  And then that time.....while writing a test.......I.......stupidly wrote out my feelings, and you actually managed to read my deliberately messy scribbles......and you asked to talk to me.....DURING class.....and gave me a talk on not giving up....and reminding me how smart I was....and I almost cried.  I hope you understand that when you asked if I had and problems at home, I wasn't exactly trying to hide something....or....hmm...maybe I was.....but!  I DO have this problem with maintaining eye contact with someone.  So.  Oh, and um....the day before the final exam, when I got a few HOURS of tutoring....I FINALLY started to understand the mole and stoichiometry.  I mean....I kinda understood it before, but not  How tragic is it that on the LAST day of chemistry, I finally started liking it?

Dance: Ms. M

Well, thanks for letting me choreograph that chinese fan dance this year.  I was so insecure about my choreographing abilities when I meekly told you that I could try choreographing a Chinese dance.  I was also kinda disappointed when no one signed up to be in my group.  BUT!  After I had the dance all finished, and you praised me on my excellent choreography abilities, how everything was so neatly polished......squeeee!  Oh, and how, once my dance was almost finished, people were copying MY dance!  They were following us when I was teaching them a move....they said they really liked my dance!  Meanwhile, the people in the other groups were getting bored, and didn't like the dance at all!  Aaaaand then I told you about my idea for choreographing a Chinese TRIBAL dance...I was mostly kidding....but when you told the class....and wrote it on the board....uh oh.   Anyways. Something else I'd like to tell you.  For the final assignment where we had to research a famous dancer and his style....and you told my group how wonderfully we did, and how beautiful the choreography well it captured the style of Alvin Ailey....I was mentally screaming..."I did all the work!  I choreographed the entire dance!  And that speech we had to give? Even though we "divided" up the work...I had to do some research on it as well!  A lot of it, actually. And, the part during the speech where the three of us paused and didn't know who was going next? NOT MY FAULT.  The other girl messed it up!  And....the warm ups?  And how the girl was "leading" it?  How she didn't really know what she was doing?  She was in charge of that, and she didn't even do that much, I gave her all the ideas!  The videos!  And, it just so happened, that when you went into your office, she asked me to demonstrate all the moves because she couldn't do it!  So. So....don't think that I messed up the speech, or that I didn't do anything for the warm up, or that WE, as in the three of us, choreographed that dance!"  

Aaaaaanyways.  Sorry about that rant....but I had to let it out!  Oops, more thing I want to rant about.....remember the December show?  When that stupid light bulb decided to commit suicide and fell onto the stage...?  How the broom came out while dancers were dancing....but they didn't get all the glass off the floor?  How I went out, and stepped on a piece, but didn't want to let the audience know by brushing it off my I danced till the end, with a piece of glass embedded in my foot?  How I was so scared...and in so much pain....I was shaking when they tried to pull it out, and couldn't?  Remember how I CAME BACK for the night show with a bandaged foot because I didn't want to mess up my dance because of my absence? And now, you know how you always give me 99%?  You know.....I would have thought....that extra show of my commitment would have earned me that extra 1%.  But, NOPE. I'm disappointed, to say the least.

Community Service: Ms. M

Ummmm...well, I had some trouble getting into CS-ing for the library....but....I did it!  I dropped out of yoga for this.  Aaaaand, to be honest, I kinda regretted it, a bit.  Sure, at the beginning of the year, it was kinda fun....being able to do all this stuff I was never allowed to do when I volunteered after school.  But then...when all that stuff was done....which happened often.....all I could do was shelf read.  And, sucks.  It's tedious and redundant!  Although, I quite liked it when I managed to find an error in the Dewey decimal I caught things that have been like that for years.....that was fun.  Oh, and, when near the end of the year, I got to known my CS-ing partner....such a shame it took me a whole year to do that.  She was....awesome.  We had so much fun pinning up overdue library book notices all over the school.  And we giggled about how we posted signs on boards we probably weren't supposed to...and gosh, we joked around so much, and I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe.  But, I really hate my laugh, so, I tried not to laugh too loud.

And then, on one of those days we went around pinning signs, she said to me, "I never knew you were so's hilarious, I wish we got to know each other earlier on in the year."  Anyways! Other than

Oh, look!  I just realised that I have three female teachers that have an M as the first letter of their last name.  Interesting.


Okay, so, here's where I admit that I gave a few teachers the link to my blog over the last two years...and of the teachers I have this year.....I doubt he's clicked on it even once.  But if he has........if he's reading this  Awkward.

Well then!  That concludes the end of this post.  This was fun!  I'll definitely try to do this again at the end of grade 12.  And maybe one for grades 8, 9, and 10, too!  Or would that be too much?


SO!  Who's going back to schooooooool!?

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