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Do you want to know why?  Do you?  Do you really?  Are you sure you're up to listening to me rant and rant and rant until I lose my breath (or in this case, until my fingers are bloody from typing so furiously)?

You do?!

Oh, great!

Let's begin!

So.  At my school, we get agendas every year to help us organize our homework, our activities, and you know....LIFE.

Ever since grade 4, I've grown attached to these marvelous agendas, but you know what happened this year?  D'ya know what happened?!

They didn't order enough agendas for everyone!


Okay, okay....fine.  They said we'd get it in a week.  They said it'd be coming anytime now.  They said sorry....but you know what?!

September passed....PASSED, and I still didn't get my agenda!

But you know who DID get their agendas?

The grade 8s....and the international students!

Why do they deserve agendas any more than me?!

Naturally, my mom heard about this and she became very, very,angry.  So....she sent an email to the principal...

Yep.  She sent an email, and she made me read it, too.  To make sure she sounded professional and dignified while also be a very upset parent....of course....she only told me to read it after she sent it...but....oh wells.

The principal sent a reply later that day asking my mom for her daughter's name and grade.  He also told my mom to tell me to go to the office and ask for him.  He said he'd give me one.

OKAY!  So.  A have problems with this.

Firstly, I want my agendas, yes.  But not badly enough to go to the office and ask the PRINCIPAL for one.  I mean, yes....he could always just look up my mom's email address and find her two daughters' name, right?  He didn't.

And secondly, if he had extra agendas lying about....why weren't they giving it out?  Okay, I suppose it's understandable if they only a few, and not enough to publicly distribute them out to all the students....but....I went to the office twice...maybe thrice to ask if the agendas had come in yet.  They could have given me one, right?  RIGHT?!  I would think, that if the same girl comes in to ask for an update on the agendas, that she's super eager to get her agenda because she desperately needs the agenda....

A few days sister told me that one of her teachers handed out agendas to them again!  And so....I went with a group of people to interrogate politely ask the teacher if she had any more.  She didn't.  Said she gave them all out.


A few days later, I saw that one of my "friends" had an agenda.  And she was in grade 12!
*Just saying, but I deserved an agenda way more than she did....she hardly uses it, and when she does, she doesn't treat it with much respect!  Tearing pages out...

She told me that one of her teachers gave it to her, that it was an extra!  Gaaah!  But of course, the teacher didn't have any more.


I'm super....dependent on these agendas, you know?  Ever since grade 8, I wrote down all my homework, all my after school activities, all my plans.....everything!  Same with grades 9, 10, and 11.  And would think that grade 12s would need agendas more than, say....the grade....9s, because, you know....grade 12s are usually very busy with deadlines....but, nooooo!  We don't have first priority....



ALSO!  Another think I want to complain about now that I'm on a roll here.

Ever since grade 8, the covers of the agendas have been uniquely different.  I've always look forward to seeing the new design....but this year....humph!  It looks the same as last year!


Well then.

Sometime in the middle of October, after I've intentionally forgotten several assignments, there was FINALLY an announcement to pick up the agendas.  FINALLY.  I was the first in line, and I was determined to get my agenda.  UGH.

I stood waiting for a few minutes before one of the vice principals came out and asked what we were doing.  I gave her an incredulous look.  This is the place where the other principal told us to line up to get out stinkin' agendas!  Gah!

*huffs angrily*


I finally got my agenda.

GRRRR with me, peoples!
This is an absolute outrage!
Come on, peoples!  

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